Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Why I am not outraged. The NSA and Cootys Rat Semen

 I am not outraged. Did you hear me? I said, "I am not outraged!" This week I learned that the NSA can see everything on the internet, maybe even in real time. At first I felt threatened by this admission because I immediately thought of every racy email/text/photo I have ever sent and had a mini panic attack. After my initial freak out, I thought about it and realized the NSA can sort through a wave of emails all day everyday and probably never stumble on anything I do. And if they did? I'd probably wear it as a badge of honor, that anything I wrote or said could ever be construed as anything more than the ramblings of a bohemian daytrader.
   Snowden is a cool guy, there's no doubt about that. He's obviously smart and has a hot ballerina/stripper girlfriend who he was no doubt shagging everyday in Hawaii. I wonder if ballerina's are more flexible? Ok, I've wandered a bit. Back to the point!
   My point is simple. I probably wouldn't have snitched on the NSA like he did. Why? Because I have seen the movie Sneakers. The NSA are gods among men. They are the only thing smarter than the Chinese. And the Russians. They stop dastardly plans, like biological attacks or let us know what the rest of the world doesn't want us to know. And what's the price? Somebody might glaze over my private emails/texts w/out my consent? I figured they were doing that anyway. So why risk life and career to tell us what we already know? Now I'm thinking whistle-blowing is a cool new hipster trend. Oh and now the bad guys know PRISM too and will just use snail mail or bike messengers or some other god-forsaken antiquated messaging service. Thanks hipster snitches!
   The internet is a big hack fest anyways, so why should we expect the government to sit on their hands? Spying on Americans sucks but not as bad as the future of most murderous plots happening because we have no secret surveillance. My privacy is not a big deal until its made public. Once info is leaked or used, to gain politically or financially, thats when it gets all Nixony and impeachment must be the standard. So for the NSA, it's like, look but dont touch. As long as the NSA doesn't leak or use info callously, im ok with it.
                                                        COOTYS RAT SEMEN?

                                                        TOO MANY SECRETS!

They have the potential to do a lot more good than the risks involved w/my privacy. I say get over yourself, its not 1776, it's not unreasonable and it's not a big deal if everyone else is doing it - KGB Mossad, ISI MI6 etc